About Us

Chennai Coimbatore Carriages and Components LLP (4C Group), an Indo-German coterie, has launched CleanSafe banner. It consists of personal and public hygiene facilitating products to control the spread of contagions.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way of our living defining the “new normal”. 4C believes that the pandemic has made consumers more aware of the need to maintain hygiene, at a personal level as well as public areas. This is a must to mitigate the chances of infection. Hygiene is the most basic, effective and easily adaptable preventive measure that needs to be embraced by the community and corporates. Thereby, creating demand for a new set of contactless, disinfectant products.

In order to fight the battle against the novel Corona Virus 4C introduces CleanSafe range of products. The Indo-German collaboration brings in the innovative design and technology to create a cutting-edge solution for non-contact equipment. Localised manufacturing facilitates direct customer interactions. Thereby, leading to better communication and quick support. With the most trusted German technology and indigenous manufacturing facilities in India, we offer hygiene and safety equipment for daily well-being of self and surrounding.

CleanSafe products are designed to reduce and eliminate the transfer of pathogens and contagions in public areas. This makes it most suitable for places like schools, offices, malls, auditoriums, hospitals, airports, railway stations, industries, hotels and resorts, parks and museums and so on.

All the products are designed and developed with best-in-class German technology and
internationally tested for public safety.

Chennai Coimbatore Carriages and Components LLP is an ISO 9001:2015 company into manufacturing of stainless steel based innovative and customised sheet metal products across Industries like railways, healthcare, textile, food processing and many more.”