No Touch Pedal Operated Dispenser

Our fingertips are most likely to transmit the virus. This is because fingers are the parts most often used to touch or come in contact with surfaces. Hence, COVID-19 Protection systems are designed to be contactless or No-Touch. NoToDi – No Touch Dispenser stand is the most effective and basic protection system. The intent behind this product design is to control the spread of coronavirus from an infected person who may happen to touch the sanitiser bottle while using. Contactless dispenser facilitates the use of sanitiser without touching it.

No Touch Dispenser Stand is aesthetically designed with a very stable base. This helps easy operation by the foot by an average height person. The product is fully customisable to suit your space requirement. Currently, we are offering 3 variants in the base stand.

NoToDi – Contactless Dispenser Stand

Contactless dispenser stand is a complete mechanical system which requires zero maintenance once installed. The sanitizer bottle can be refilled or replaced easily. The material is 100 per cent high-grade stainless steel. (we can provide shades and variants to suit your aesthetic requirements).

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No touch  +  Instant Disinfectant + Easily Movable

Salient Features

  • Rigid, long lasting and rugged German design for tough Indian conditions
  • Elegant aesthetics of NoToDi blends with the office ambience
  • Made of 100% high quality stainless steel which ensures a rust free surface
  • 2 leg design ensures sturdiness while NoToDi is being operated
  • Adaptable design to hold various sizes of sanitizer bottles
  • Only mechanical systems ensure absolutely zero maintenance cost
  • Helps conserve water and can be used in any dry area
  • Portable and accommodable in minimum floor spa


  • Total floor space required is only 0.16 sq.
  • 9 kg of weight makes it easily movable to another place


Application Areas

CleanSafe Public Areas Hygiene Products

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