No Touch Pedal Operated Wash Station

According to WHO, most healthcare-associated infections are preventable through good hand hygiene – cleaning hands at the right times and in the right way. CleanSafe has conceptualized pedal-operated hand washing station which is the most innovative design with effective space utilisation. No Touch Pedal Operated Wash System (NotoPOWS) is completely operated by foot and can service 4 persons at a time. A push mechanism facilitates an easy and smooth operation. The unit is movable and can be refilled easily. No Touch Pedal Operated Wash Station comes up with a high capacity water tank ranging from 500L-1000L. This design is especially suitable for dense public areas to avoid the problem of refilling water again and again.

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No touch + Pedal operated  + 4 Wash points + 500L-1000L Water tank

Salient Features

  • Hands-free pedal-operated soap and water dispensing station
  • 750 handwashes in 1 hour by 4 wash points
  • Zero operational and maintenance cost
  • Made of 100% high-quality stainless steel which ensures a rust-free surface
  • Rigid and rugged design for tough conditions
  • Easy to use, refill and clean
  • Helps conserve water as the water gets discharged only when the pedal is pressed
  • Can be used to dispense drinking water too
  • Customized features can be provided based on user requirements
  • Stainless steel tank type option also available


  • Dimensions: H * W * D: 2300mm * 1970mm *1970mm
  • Total floor space needed is only 3.90 sq.m

Application Areas

No Touch Hand Wash Station for public Places

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