NoVi360 H

No Virus Disinfection Pod for Humans

With businesses and factories resuming globally, keeping the work area sanitised, safe and disinfected is very important. The virus can be transmitted through many carriers, including human body, the surface of baggage etc. No Virus Disinfection Pod for Human (NoVirus 360° – H) is one of the most sophisticated products designed for general sanitization at public places.

CleanSafe have conceptualised an open disinfection pod or more commonly known as a sanitizing/ disinfectant tunnel. This can disinfect human body within 10 seconds. The Disinfectant Pod/ Tunnel uses atomization technology to spray the disinfection liquid from all the sides, covering 360 degrees. Thereby ensuring complete infection process. The advanced version of the pod uses leading-edge smart sensors technologies to automate the screening of various parameters. The product is been designed ergonomically to fit all public places. Also, the design style is suitable for adults, children as well as for people with special needs.

The product has undergone testings and field trials. The Antibacterial Efficacy Test Results suggest that the exposure of selected disinfectant from the outlet of NoVi360°- H is found 99.8% effective against the test organisms used for the study.

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NoVi360° comes in three variations

  • NoVi360° – H is Disinfection Pod for Human
  • NoVi360° – B is Conveyor Compatible Disinfection system for Baggage and Assembly line
  • NoVi360° – I is Intelligent Disinfection Pod with Smart and Automated Screening Feature

Salient Features

  • Complete disinfection in just 10 seconds.
  • Adjustable dosing ranges from 0.1-0.21/min
  • Highly effective disinfection through contactless, atomization technology 
  • Can disinfect upto 350 persons/hour
  • Integrated Disinfectant Storage (40 litre)
  • Contactless sensor with timer indicating the disinfection process completion
  • Superior design with great aesthetics
  • Full enclosure and wheel base (for easy movement) available as optional feature


  • Pod dimensions: H*W*D : 2200mm * 1500mm * 1655mm
  • Total floor space needed is only 2.50 sq. m.
  • Single phase, 220V, 50 Hz AC power supply         

Application Areas

CleanSafe Public Areas

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